Hello there! I’m a Research Fellow at the Center for Global Development, based in London. I used to work as a Research Officer at the Centre for the Study of African Economies, at the University of Oxford, where I obtained a a DPhil (PhD) in Economics and also an MSc in Economics for Development.

My work is mainly centered on development economics, including broader issues such as the political economy and impact of international aid, which I blog about, and micro-issues such as land tenure, urban development, ethnicity, peer effects and intrahousehold distribution.

I am a former ODI Fellow, having recently worked for two years as a budget officer in the Ministry of Finance for the Government of Malawi.

I am also an amateur film director, and some of the films I have produced can be found here.

My CV is here. You can contact me at:

Here is a video of me saying some things about foreign aid: