Film work

In my spare time I am an amateur film-maker. Below is a list of some of the films I’ve worked on the past few years. To download them, right-click on the link “Download Here” and save itto your hard disk. The format is Quicktime, so you can play it if you have Itunes installed. Others are hosted by Vimeo, and can be played directly from this page.

First Impressions (2013)

Runtime: 6 minutes

Dovetail (2011)

Runtime: 6 minutes
Password: same as the title

Bad Copy (2010)

Runtime: 6-9 minutes
Winner: Best film, 2010 OUFF Cuppers film competition
“…a glorious romp, tapping into all office-dwellers’ ambivalent and stormy relationship with technology.” – Jen Pawsey, Daily Info Oxford

Final edit (above)
Rough 9 minute edit
6 minute (restricted) OUFF submission edit

Flying // Football (2009)


Out, Out (2008)

Runtime:45 minutes

Synopsis: An idealistic young development worker, Mark (Andy Stevenson), has just arrived in Malawi to take up a Governance post with the International Development Agency. He is replacing cynical Peter (Matt Gordon), who is being promoted out-of-country. During Peter’s final days with the IDA, the two and a group of friends (Cynthia Eldridge, Ann Miceli and Alex Pienkoski) set out for a day trip to a nearby dam. On their way back, a man is hit and killed on the road by the car in front of them.

Worried about the country’s tendency for mob justice, the group of expatriates flee the scene of the accident, vowing to report it later to the police. Later, during Peter’s farewell dinner, the group is surprised by an unexpected visitor (Wavisanga Munyenyembe), who claims that Peter never reported the accident, and may be more culpable than initially thought.

Trailer (above)
Full download 1.36 gb (right click and save as. This is a .m4v file – optimized for Ipad, or play in VLC player)

Recently reviewed at the Post-Punk Cinema Club

American Ninja 6-2 (2005)

Runtime:75 minutes

Synopsis: The follow-up to the critically acclaimed AMERICAN NINJA 6: THE RECKONING, which saw our hero Joe Armstrong defend himself against an assault from a deadly clan of mountain ninjas, eventually killing
their eye-patch clad ninja overlord. Now, AMERICAN NINJA 6-2: RETRIBUTION sees the rise of a new power: driven to madness at his brother’s death, American ninja warlock Forrick, leader of
the infamous Nataaka clan, kills Joe Armstrong in cold blood. Witnessing his friend’s death, ex-CIA ninja Ralph is forced to go into hiding when he is accused of the murder. While on the lam, Ralph learns of Nataaka’s true agenda: to sell university students illegal drugs laced with a secret virus that will transform them into super ninjas, loyal only to Forrick.

Now, in order to sabotage the rise of this new ninja army, Ralph must team up with P.A.T.R.I.O.T. T.H.U.N.D.E.R., the elite anti-terrorism unit he left long ago, avoid a police investigator hot on his trail, and strike at the heart of the Nataaka clan’s evil drug-peddling operation.

Trailer (Youtube)
Full .iso download – 4.3 gb (right click, save as – recommended viewing using VLC player/Itunes)